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8Ch Shelf-Mount NVR. 10TB Max (Starting At 2TB HDD), Integrated 8 Port POE


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IC Realtime has always resisted re-designing our gear without good reasons, and it’s hard to improve on the nearly perfect “Fit to Purpose” credentials of our compact 8-channel, 4K POE NVR-208NS. For years it has been the cost-effective NVR of choice for dealers needing a replacement POE NVR or a  new recorder for smaller IP camera systems. But lucky for us, our engineers couldn’t resist the challenge!  Now IC Realtime is proud to introduce our newest compact 8-channel POE network recorder, the NVR-EG08POE-1U4K1.

With all of the functionality of the legacy compact POE NVR it replaces, the EG08POE is now packaged in an all-new 10.25″ x 9.125″ x 2″ compact metal rectangular case that’s about the same width and height and just slightly deeper than a ream of copy paper. This makes it just large enough that its SATA hard drive bay can hold a full-size 3.5” Surveillance-grade hard drive up to 10TB- that’s up to 10,000 GB of internal storage.

To coordinate with the EG08POE’s wide IP camera compatibility, the unit’s HTML-5 network compatibility means its installed cameras can easily be viewed in modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome; and MSN browsers like IE 9 or later without the old clunky/outdated plug-ins. EG08POE provides simultaneous local monitor output from the unit’s HDMI and VGA ports, and secure mobile & network access using IC Realtime’s iOS and Android apps and our extraordinary and free downloadable SmartICRSS for PC & Mac.

While our smallest & most cost-effective NVR shouldn’t be expected to handle 4K cameras, it actually can – up to 12MP@30FPS. Adjusting each camera’s frame rates will let EG08POE handle a variety of IP camera resolutions, and up to six 1080P cameras can be accommodated. EG08POE also works with up to 4 cameras with IC Realtime’s AI perimeter protection and IMD motion detection and has 2 RCA audio IN/OUT ports for audio & 2-way talk.

Even in our smallest & least expensive compact NVR, IC Realtime builds dependability, performance & value into each unit, all covered by the industry’s longest warranty. The legendary NVR-208NS that this new NVR replaces was the ideal home & small business network video recorder for thousands of camera installations worldwide. Now, with up to 10TB internal SATA storage, extended IP camera compatibility, and easy HTML5 browser & mobile app compatibility, our new NVR-EG08POE-1U4K1 carries on that legend as its totally upgraded & redesigned successor.

Main Processor: Industrial-grade embedded processor
Operating System: Embedded Linux, ICR 4.0
Display Interface: 1 × VGA, 1 × HDMI (simultaneous output)
Display Resolution: 1920×1080, 1280×1024, 1280×720
Fisheye Dewarp: N/A
Display Split: 1/4/8/9
HDMI Decoding: 1-channel 12MP@30 fps;
1-channel 8MP@30 fps;
2-channel 5MP@30 fps;
3-channel 4MP@30 fps;
6-channel 1080p@30 fps
IVS: (Supported by camera)
Tripwire, Intrusion (50 objects max)
Advanced Intelligent Functions: (All AI functions are supported by camera)
(4 ch) Perimeter Protection: Tripwire & intrusion; Recognition of human and vehicle

(4ch) Intelligent Motion Detect (iMD): Motion detection alarm with human and vehicle recognition.

AI Search: Search by target classification (human, vehicle)

Supported Camera Types: IP
IP Camera Input: 8
Trigger Events: Motion detection; privacy masking; video loss; PIR alarm
Playback: Up to 8 channels
Playback Function: 1. Play; pause; stop; fast forward; fast backward; rewind;
play by frame
2. Full screen; backup (video clip/file); partially zom in;
audio on/off
Backup Mode: USB device, Network
Compression: PCM; G711A; G711U; G726
Two-way Talk: Supported
Record Compression: Smart H.265; H.265; Smart H.264; H.264
Record Resolution: 12MP; 8MP; 5MP; 4MP; 3MP; 2MP; 720p; D1
Incoming Bandwith: 80 Mbps
Throughput: Access: 80 Mbps
Storage: 80 Mbps
Forward: 60 Mbps
Internal HDD: 1x10TB Max
HDD Mode: Single
Ethernet: 1 × RJ-45, 10/100 Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet port
Protocol: HTTP; HTTPS; TCP/IP; IPv4; RTSP; UDP; NTP; DHCP; DNS; SMTP; UPnP; IP Filter; DDNS; Alarm Server; IP Search (Supports ICR IP camera, DVR, NVS, etc.); P2P
Wifi: N/A
Compatibility: ONVIF (profile T/S/G); CGI; SDK
Web Viewer: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Management Software: Smart ICRSS, DSS
Smart Phone: iOS, Android
PoE: 8 × PoE ports, 10/100 Mbps
RS232: N/A
RS485: N/A
USB: 2 (2.0)
Audio I/O: 1/1
Power Supply: 48/53 VDC, 2/1.8 A (Included)
Power Consumption: Total output of NVR is ≤ 10 W (without HDD)
Total output power of PoE is 72 W, and the maximum output power of a single port is 25.5 W
Total POE Budget: Total output power of PoE is 72 W, the maximum output power of a single port is 25.5 W
Operating Conditions: 14 °F to +131 °F (–10 °C to +55 °C )
Installation: Rack or desktop mountable
Dimensions: 10.24″ × 9.16″ × 1.87″
(260 mm × 232.7 mm × 47.6 mm)