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IC Realtime’s New IC Home Orb – “Eggs-actly” The Home Security Camera You Need?

IC Realtime continues to grow the IC Home family with our first dedicated indoor inter-cam, the little but mighty egg-shaped IC Home Orb. Unlike the outdoor-rated Dinger and Flooder, the new Orb is designed for inconspicuous overwatch inside a home or office spaces. With an ergonomic design, Orb is a comfortable fit where people live & work.  Orb provides the same 1080P HD-quality video & intercom audio capabilities as its outdoor cousins but adds some cool features that make it more useful for building interiors.

Flexible Installation.
Orb’s rounded, people-friendly lines make it an unobtrusive addition to any room. Its subtle appearance makes this versatile camera a great hidden indoor security camera and discrete addition to any shared living or workspace. Orb can be mounted upright (base down) on a shelf, furniture surface, or counter, and it just blends in – especially when in a group of objects. Alternatively, Orb can be mounted upside down (base up) suspended from the ceiling, an upper wall shelf, or even the end of a stair tread.

Professional Grade Features
Orb is an inter-cam that truly lives up to its name – it can rotate its lens left & right and up & down as well as carry on 2-way full-duplex (cell phone-style) conversations using the free IC Home app. Built with app-controlled powered pan, tilt, Orb offers 355° of left-right panning and 80° of up/down tilt to allow complete area coverage. At night, Orb even shares the IC Home family’s ability to use IR night vision to invisibly “light up” a room to see in total darkness.

Automatic Autotracking & Recording
Although controlling Orb is easy with the IC Home phone app, you don’t have to worry about camera positioning unless you want to because Orb uses the latest versions of IC Realtime’s “Smart Auto Tracking” feature. Orb’s Smart Tracking is based on the same kind of “video magic” used by IC Realtime’s commercial FlexSmartAi algorithmic deep-learning system. Orb’s smart tracking feature will move the camera lens to follow detected motion, following & recording a detected subject as they move through the covered space. You can even set up the Orb to only start recording based on a motion even while it tracks the moving target.

Multiple Video & Audio Recording Options
Orb and our Dinger and Flooder inter-cams are built with on camera SD card storage, app-based cloud recording, and local video recorder system integration as part of their design. Since Orb utilizes High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) H.265, you can get approximately 24 days worth of history on a single 256 Gigabyte micro SD card.  Orb’s ability to “listen up & look around” combined with its overlapping multi-layer recording redundancy makes it the ideal indoor security camera.

Small Camera, Big Lens.
Just as importantly, the full HD 1080P HD commercial-grade video sensor behind that lens offers impressive daytime images and renders them just as beautifully at night in zero-light situations. Orb is equipped with our advanced image management algorithms to automatically generate clear and bright images in all lighting conditions, from bright sunshine to complete darkness with more than 30 feet of night vision with built-in infrared illuminators.

Built-In 2 Way Intercom
Beyond professional-level video coverage, Orb also enables high-definition audio coverage because Orb was designed from the start as an “inter-cam” to give its owners complete remote video & audio streams, so you never miss a sound.  Orb is decidedly NOT just another indoor camera with a microphone. Orb features two-way full-duplex talk capability (think speakerphone), not just old-style single duplex (one at a time walkie-talkie style), so your conversations are as interactive and natural as if you were right there.

Works Well with Others
IC Home cameras are excellent stand-alone inter-cam systems, but they really come into their own when they have access to an IC Realtime video recorder system.  Unlike consumer-grade, battery-powered cameras, Dash series cameras are designed to integrate with any IC Realtime video recorder smoothly, whether located remotely or on-site. The Orb inter-cam can store what it sees in the cloud, record to its internal SD card, and stream footage to a recorder all at the same time. This mix and match approach offers professional-level flexibility and redundancy for video surveillance.

Exclusive “Private Time” Button
Probably the coolest feature that makes the new Orb inter-cam the “Best-in-Class” at privacy – and one of the best indoor wifi security cameras available in the market – is its unique Privacy Mode feature. With the push of an app button, enabling Privacy Mode physically rotates in the camera’s eyeball inward and turns off all audio transmission. So with a simple command, you can quickly tell your indoor WiFi inter-cam to “take a nap.”

Safe & Secure
IC Realtime is all about security, and we strongly believe any “personal reality” camera installed in your work or living space needs to stay strictly personal.
Respecting and protecting your privacy while still innovating new features & capabilities is important at IC Realtime.  Privacy is a concern with every network device in your home, and all IC Home cameras employ multiple levels of password & signal encryption at every step.

Orb enables only the device’s registered Master User to issue Log-in and Password credentials, set access levels, and delete or disable them at will. No one else has enabling access. These device-level security & privacy protection barriers work hand-in-hand with your internet provider and with IC Homecloud server protections, monitored & updated constantly to provide the highest level of privacy & security protection possible.

And one more word about IC Realtime and our commitment to your privacy: we don’t use misleading or convoluted privacy statements buried somewhere in a 20-page End-User License Agreement.  We state it plainly: IC Realtime will not harvest or share any personal data with 3rd parties – period.

The Next Generation of Home Video Security
Everybody likes to benefit from the latest trends in security technology. The new Orb inter-cam is one of the first in its class to offer continuous 24/7 recording in addition to motion-based. With the new IC Home Orb inter-cam, IC Realtime has achieved the industry’s most sophisticated & flexible take possible on a wireless indoor security camera that can also record directly to an IC Realtime network video recorder. And no other cloud-enabled WiFi home security “inter-cam” can say that. Orb offers a free 30-day IC Home Cloud trial so you can experience the benefits of remote cloud video storage on us before you decide to subscribe

Image Sensor: 1/2.7-in. 2 MP CMOS
Effective Pixels: 1920(H) x 1080(V)
Scanning System: Progressive
Illumination Distance: 33ft (10m)
Illumination On/Off Control: Auto/Manual
Illumination LEDs: 1
IR Wavelength: 850 nm
Camera Illumination Type: IR
Lens Type: Fixed
Focal Length: 3.6mm
Angle of View: 93°(H), 48°(V)
Focus Control: Fixed
Pan/Tilt Range: 355°Pan & -5~80°Tilt
Advanced Intelligent Functions: Motion and Human Detection, Abnormal Sound Alarm
Compression: H.264, H.265
Resolution: 1080P (1920 x 1080)
Frame Rate: 1080P @25/30fps
Motion Detection: Support, Configurable region.
Digital Zoom: 16x
Protocol: CGI, P2P, ONVIF
Wifi: Wi-Fi:IEEE802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz only), 50m Open Field
Compatibility: Any IC Realtime AVR, DVR, NVR, IC Home Cloud service
Smart Phone: IC Home app and ICRSS Pro for iOS and Android
Audio I/O: Built-In Mic & Speaker
Factory Reset: Support
Memory Slot: Micro SD Card Slot, maximum 256 GB
Power Supply: DC 5V 1A Power Supply (Included)
Power Consumption: < 3.5W
Operating Conditions: 14°F~+113°F, Less Than 95%RH
Casing: Plastic
Dimensions: 4.17 x 3.04 x 3.04 in (106.1 x 77.4x 77.4mm)