HDMI over Dual UTP Receiver


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The UH-2D-R is HDMI on Dual UTP Receiver which when paired with UH-2D-S / UH2D-S-DP can extend HDMI signal upto 170 ft.

The Sender and Receiver set support HDCP, Deep-Colour, 3D and can achieve a distance of up to 130 ft @ 1080p or 170 ft @ 1080i/720p resolution.
Model UH-2D-R is a member of the Hall Research HD-Cat™ video extension product line. The UHD-2D extender kit uses two Cat6 cables to extend high definition video well beyond the limitations of HDMI cable.

The HD-Cat™ family of products are designed and manufactured in the USA. They offer a reliable
and low-cost alternative to HDBaseT extenders for shorter distances.
The UHD-2D extender is typically sold as a kit, however senders and receivers are also separately
available for purchase. There is also a single-gang Decora® style wall-plate of the sender side.

The UH-2D-R is compatible with HDMI™ versions 1.4.A single power supply is provided that can be plugged at either end for easy installation. The
extender equalizes TMDS video using state of the art technology for a crisp image, and buffers the
DDC channel for error free EDID and HDCP operation that help prevent image dropouts. The
extender can also extend single link DVI video from any PC.


  • Use Cat6 cables to extend pure digital high definition HDMI™ audio video signals
  • Can drive cables to 130ft @ 1080p or 170 ft @ 1080i/720p on 2 Cat6 cables
  • Supports DVI-D single link extension with optional adapter cables
  • Only one power supply needed for the setup
  • 3D HDMI Ready
  • HDCP compliant
  • Compact enclosure
  • Includes a universal power supply
Supported Resolutions PC from VGA to WUXGA, HDTV from 480i to 1080p
Max Cable Length Using Cat6: 130 ft (40m) at 1080p, 170 ft (52m) at 1080i or below
Dimensions 2.71″ (W) x 2.825″ (D) x 1.25″ (H)
68.83 mm x 71.76 mm x 31.75 mm
Enclosure Black Plastic ABS-94VO, UL File#56070
Weight 0.5 Pounds (225 g)
Operating Temperature 0 ~ +50 °C
Storage Temperature -10 ~ +70 °C