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Max12 Multi Channel Amp KeyPad Kit + Remote Control, 6 Key Pads

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  • Six optional control keypads and a single IR remote for Nero Max-12 multi-channel/six zone amplifier
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) enabled with built-in IR receivers in each control keypad
  • A hard-wired alternative to free OSD Control App which duplicates the control keypads for tablets and smartphones
  • Select source, adjust volume, treble and bass, or turn all zones on or off directly through the control keypads
  • Operates with IR remote control or RS-232
  • Network cable hub allows six control keypads to be connected to the amp via Cat5e/6
  • Includes Decora style outer plates and a remote control


OSD Audio Nero-Max 12 Optional Control Keypad Kit includes six infrared remote control keypads that provide complete zone control of the Nero-Max 12 multi-channel/six zone amplifier. Sold separately, the keypads allow you to adjust volume, treble and bass, or turn all zones on or off and mute. A hard-wired alternative to Wi-Fi-based OSD Control App, each keypad includes a numeric LED display, selection and status LEDs, IR receiver sensor for zone, power/status, and source select. This keypad kit also includes six outer Decora style plates and a remote control.

  • Six single gang keypads
  • Compatible with Nero-MAX12 amplifier
  • Numeric LED Display
  • Built-In IR receiver per control keypad
  • Source Select
  • Control: Volume, Bass and Treble