Complete outdoor audio system with DSP amplifier.
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The new NEARSCAPES  IG44.1DSP system is a great way to deliver unobtrusive, super high performance sound into outdoor living spaces. This bollard style “satellite/subwoofer” system boasts high clarity at any volume, deep articulate bass, and ultra-low distortion for areas up to 3000 sq. ft. (280sq.m).

What You Get

It’s everything you need.

  • One 3XL 350 WPC 2-channel power amplifier with digital signal processing
  • Four IG4M bollard-style satellite speakers
  • Four color-matched ground stakes
  • One IGS100M subwoofer
  • One IE1 direct burial junction box
  • Four  20-ft burial grade speaker wires pre-terminated with Perfect Fit IP-67 rated screw-in connectors for fast, secure wiring

Cover More Ground

The 120-degree wide dispersion of the IG4M satellites means fewer speakers are needed to cover an area with high clarity sound than using competing systems with 60-degree dispersion; every listener in the coverage area will hear full performance sound without overly loud “hot” and low-fidelity “dead” zones. The NEARSCAPES IG systems cover 3000 square feet (280m2) with crowd-pleasing music.

Installation Ease

The IG4M satellites can be either on-ground mounted with the supplied ground stakes or partially buried for lower visibility and greater security. The IGS100M in-ground subwoofer can be employed free-standing or in-ground for minimum visibility and maximum bass performance.

Smart Wiring

Every NEARSCAPES component provides maximum system design and wiring flexibility. Integrators can choose to power the IG4M satellite speakers with a low impedance amplifier or a 70-Volt line. Selection of 70V power levels or low impedance operation is made via a rotary switch (left) located under a protective cover. When used in low impedance mode, the satellites’ 16-Ohm load allows up to four IG4Ms to be parallel wired and safely driven by typical AV receivers.

On the underside of the satellite enclosure are two IP67- rated “Perfect Fit” sockets (right)  that allow convenient daisy chain wiring of multiple speakers on a single signal line. The connector socket and plug are keyed to prevent wiring polarity snafus while their double O-ring design prevents ingress of water and dirt for long term signal integrity.

Installing the system is fast, efficient and super easy. The system includes one IE1 direct burial junction box and four 20-foot direct burial speaker cables pre-terminated with “Perfect Fit” connectors.  The supplied accessories greatly simplify wiring hookup and ensure long-term signal connection integrity.

Smart Power

For the ultimate in outdoors audio performance, the NEARSCAPES IG44.1DSP system includes the awesome NEAR 3XL 2-channel amplifier. It belts out 350 Watts per channel efficiently and reliably–more than enough to power the IG44.1 speaker system to robust volume levels.

The 3XL’s digital signal processor (DSP) is preconfigured to bring out the best performance from the IG44.1 speakers. Crossovers, equalization, limiting and other parameters are set perfectly at the factory for quick, accurate and foolproof set up. Advanced users can access the full array of DSP controls via NEAR’s browser-based graphical user interface (GUI).

See more about the 3XL DSP amplifier


​For areas greater than 3000 square feet or where exceptionally high volume levels are required, NEARSCAPES systems can be scaled up by adding more IG4M satellites and IGS100 subwoofers.  The 3XL amplifier in the IG44.1DSP package is capable of powering up to eight IG4 satellites (in 70V mode) and two IGS100M subwoofers to cover a 6000 square feet (5600m2) area with awesome sound.

Exceptional Durability

Like other NEAR® speakers,  the NEARSCAPES systems’ speakers are truly weather-proof, not just “weather-resistant,” and can be used when totally exposed to the elements. The  enclosures are color-through, Linear Low-Density Polyethylene that sheds moisture, dirt and chemicals. The UV inhibitor pigments are embedded uniformly throughout the material so the sun won’t fade or yellow the color and garden tools won’t easily mar the speakers’ good looks. 

Superior Sound

Best of all is the sound quality. The IG4M’s wide dispersion design and high tech components ensure that everyone on the deck or patio hears well-balanced, lifelike sound at every volume level without fatigue.

The satellite speakers utilize MDT metal alloy diaphragm woofer and 1-inch metal alloy tweeter– both with  Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS) technology.

The IGS100M  features an MDT metal alloy diaphragm woofer with dual voice coil UDIO technology along with the MLS technology. 

The IGS100M’s 10-inch driver is loaded into a sealed bandpass enclosure – the perfect solution to the challenges of delivering bass reliably outdoors. The result is exceptional sound quality that rivals audiophile-grade indoor loudspeaker systems. You and your guests will be delighted with clear, intelligible and soul-stirring sound.

* Availability subject to change without notice

IG4M Satellite Speakers

  • Driver Complement:
    • One  4 1/2” metal-alloy diaphragm woofer, MLS voice coil guidance, UV and chemical resistant SupraPolymer™ surround
    • One 1.1” metal-alloy diaphragm tweeter, ferrofluid damping, UV and chemical resistant SupraPolymer surround, Neodymium magnet
  • Frequency Response: 70Hz to 19kHz, +/-3dB
  • Sensitivity: (1W/1m): 86dB
  • Dispersion: Minimum 120 degrees, horizontal & vertical
  • Power Requirements: 70 Volts with selectable 64, 32, 16 Watts power output; 16-ohm bypass up to 75 Watts continuous average
  • Dimensions: 7.75” (19.7cm) diameter at base, 19.5” (49.5cm) high stake mounted, 10” – 12” (25.4 – 30.5cm) high buried
  • Product Weight (with ground-mount stake): 4.5lb. / 2.04kg
  • Input Terminations: waterproof Perfect Fit polarity-keyed plug-in connectors (IP67 Rating) X 2.
  • Wiring color code: positive (+) = BROWN wire, negative (-) = BLUE wire
  • Environmental: engineered to meet or exceed Mil-Std-810 (humidity, salt air, heat, cold, immersion); IEC IP 55

IGS100M Subwoofer

  • Speaker complement: 10” metal alloy diaphragm UDIO woofer, MLS voice coil guidance, dual 8-ohm voice coils, UV and chemical resistant SupraPolymer™ surround
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz to 100Hz, +/-3.0dB
  • Sensitivity: (1W/1m): 91dB
  • Impedance: 8 ohms (stereo input) 4 ohms (mono input)
  • Dispersion: 360 Degrees
  • Power Requirements (@8 ohms): up to 300 Watts average
  • Dimensions: 19.4” diameter at base x 17.4” High; 49.3cm x
  • Product Weight: 36 lb. / 16kg
  • Input Terminations: 4-conductor burial grade cable
  • Wiring color code: voice coil #1 positive (+) = red, negative (-) = black;  voice coil #2 positive (+) = green, negative (-) = orange
  • Environmental: designed to meet or exceed Mil-Std-810 (humidity, salt air, heat, cold, and immersion); IEC IP55

3XL DSP Power Amplifier

  • Dynamic Power: (6dB Crest Factor): 2 x 350W
  • THD @ Rated power 4 ohms (1kHz): 0.02% (1W), 0.05% (60W), 0.08% (100W)
  • S/N Ratio (20K BW): 104dB ref. 70V, full power
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz ,-1.5dB (1W, 4 ohm to 8 ohm load)
  • Damping Factor: >120 (4 ohms/1kHz input signal)
  • Input power operating range:100-240 VAC (50Hz/60Hz)
  • Protections: clip, over-current, over/under voltage, output dc and over-temperature
  • Analog input: 2 x XLR electronically balanced, 2 x RCA unbalanced
  • Analog output: 2 x amplifier BTL, 1 x XLR electronically balanced, 1 x RCA unbalanced
  • Dimensions: 20-1/2” W x 20-1/2” D x 5-1/2” H (52cm x 52cm x 14cm ) – 2RU
  • Weight, Net/Shipping: 17.7 lb. (8.03 Kg) / 22.5 lb. (10 Kg)