NearScapes 2.1



NEAR IGS10M Subwoofer and LB4TM Speakers with GS4 Stakes

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Additional information

Weight26 kg
Dimensions64 × 64 × 72 cm

NEARSCAPES™ systems are convenient and cost effective ways to get unobtrusive, super high performance sound into your outdoor living spaces. These “satellite/subwoofer” systems boast high clarity at any volume, deep articulate bass, and ultra-low distortion.

Best of all, the wide dispersion of the LB4TM satellites means fewer speakers are needed to cover an area with high clarity sound with NEARSCAPES than with similar competing systems. With a properly configured NEARSCAPES system every listener in the listening area will hear full-performance sound without overly loud “hot” and low-fidelity “dead” zones.

The NEARSCAPES 2.1 system evenly covers a 1500 square foot area (140m2) area when driven by 100W/channel, while the 4.1 system covers 3000 square feet (280m2) with 200 WPC power.


Installation Ease

NEARSCAPES™ systems include easy to use ball and socket aim-able brackets that allow you to mount the LB4TM satellite speakers on walls, soffits, railings or fence posts. They also include GS4 ground stakes for mounting in gardens and lawns.

The IGS10 subwoofer can be used freestanding or partly buried in the ground for minimum visibility and maximum bass performance.


GS4 ground stakes are supplied with NEARSCAPES systems

What You Get


  • 2 each LB4TM satellite speakers, dark brown mulch color, with surface mount brackets
  • 2 each GS4 ground stakes, dark brown mulch color
  • 1 each IGS10M, dark brown mulch color

70-volt Control and Convenience

This “TM” version of the LB4 features a built-in multi-tap 70V transformer (with 16-Ohm bypass option) for use with the NEAR 6XL or other 70V output-equipped amplifiers. 70V systems have a myriad of advantages including being able to run more speakers in parallel than would be possible with low impedance systems. It also allows you to “sound sculpt” an area by assigning different volume levels to each speaker in the system.

Exceptional Durability


Like other NEAR speakers, the LB4TM is truly weather-proof, not just “weather-resistant” and can be used totally exposed to the elements. The LB4TM enclosure is color-through, mica-loaded polypropylene that sheds moisture, dirt and chemicals. The UV inhibitor pigments are embedded uniformly throughout the material so the sun won’t fade or yellow the color and garden tools won’t easily mar their looks.

The LB4TM can be painted to match the surroundings. The color-matched grilles are oxidation-resistant heavy gauge powder coated aluminum with rectangular perforations that inhibit water from clogging the holes and blocking high frequencies. The bass port is protected from moisture, debris and critter ingress with a special hydrophobic fabric.

4″ 2-way weatherproof loudspeakers with built-in 70V transformer & 16-Ohm bypass
 5.51”W x 10.25”H x 6.3”D (14cm W x 26cm H x 16cm D )



  • Purpose-built to be extremely durable in all weather conditions
  • 12 year warranty
  • Mulch color enclosure is inconspicuous in gardens and other landscaped areas
  • Anodized metal alloy speaker cones (MDT) maintain spec across a wide spectrum of ambient temperatures for consistent performance in every season
  • Waterproof (IP68) “Perfect Fit” input connector eliminates long-term connection problems
  • MLS Ferrofluid voice coil centering system
  • Fluid-sealed gap eliminates corrosion in magnet
  • Mineral-filled polypropylene cabinet for durability and rigidity
  • Advanced polymer cone surrounds resist UV rays, chlorine, fertilizer and salt spray
  • Heavy-gauge, powder-coated stainless steel mounting bracket with unique (patent-pending) lever-mount cast aluminum clamp
  • Specially developed hydrophobic fabric covers port opening to prevent entry of water, debris and small creatures
  • Driver Complement: (1) 4” Metal Alloy Diaphragm Woofer, MLS Voice Coil Guidance, UV and Chemical Resistant Rubber Surround; (1) 1.1” Metal Alloy Diaphragm Tweeter, Ferrofluid Damping, Corrosion-Resistant Magnet Assembly
  • Frequency Response  –  75Hz to 19kHz, +/-3dB
  • Sensitivity (1W/1M) – 86dB @16 Ohms
  • Dispersion – Minimum 120 Degrees, Horizontal & Vertical
  • Power Requirements –  70 Volts with selectable 32, 16, 8, 4 and 2 Watts power output; 16-Ohm bypass up to 75 Watts (Ave); 300 Watts (Peak)
  • Dimensions – 5.51”W x 10.25”H x 6.3”D; 14cm W x 26cm H x 16cm D
  • Product Weight (with mounting yoke and clamp) 4.5lb. / 2.04kg
  • Maximum SPL @1M (1/2 space)   105dB
  • Input Terminations – Waterproof Plug-in Connector Included (IP68 Rating)
  • Environmental – Designed to Meet or Exceed Mil-Std-810 (Humidity, Salt Air, Heat, Cold, Immersion); IEC IP 56
Specifications subject to change without notice

10″ in-ground/on-ground subwoofer, 70V/16 Ohms.
23.75” Dia. (base) x 19.25” High (60.33cm x 48.9cm)


  • Purpose-built to be extremely durable in all weather conditions, mounted in-ground
  • Stylish design provides functional rigidity and extra security when buried
  • Available in Kodiak Brown to match IG series speakers and Mulch Brown to match the LB4TM stake mounted garden speaker
  • Anodized metal alloy speaker cones (MDT) maintain specified performance over a broad range of temperatures  (-20 to +160 degrees F; -29 – +71 C) for consistent sound quality in every season
  • UDIO (upside down/inside out) driver employs  voice coils wound both inside and outside the former for extremely accurate linearity, even at extreme volume levels
  • MLS spiderless motor uses specially developed ferrofluid to center the voice coil and eliminates the distortion generated by spiders
  • Sealed magnet gap locks out moisture and debris
  • LLDP (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) color-through enclosures are acoustically inert and stand tough under abuse and in extreme conditions
  • Advanced SupraPolymer cone surrounds resist UV rays, chlorine, fertilizer and salt spray
  • 70V multi-tap transformer standard for use with the NEAR 6XL power amplifier in 70V operation- can be by-passed for 8 ohm use
  • Signal connection via pre terminated 8-conductor burial grade cable exiting the bottom of the enclosure
  • Color: Mulch Brown


PictureIGS10 with vented chamber removed to expose the upward-facing 10-inch driver

  • Speaker complement: 10” Metal Alloy Diaphragm UDIO Woofer, MLS Voice Coil Guidance, UV and Chemical Resistant Rubber Surround;
  • Frequency Response  –  38Hz to 100Hz, +/-3.0dB
  • Sensitivity (1W/1M) – 91dB
  • Dispersion – 360 Degrees
  • Power Requirements (@16 ohms) – up to 300 Watts (Ave); 1200 Watts (Peak)
  • Power Requirements (@70V)  128W, 64W
  • Dimensions – 18.75” Diameter at Base x 16.25” High; 47.63cm x 41.28cm
  • Product Weight – 36 lb. / 16kg
  • Maximum SPL @1M (1/2 space) –  115dB
  • Input Terminations – 8-Cond. Cable
  • Environmental – Designed to Meet or Exceed Mil-Std-810 (Humidity, Salt Air, Heat, Cold); IEC IP56

Specifications subject to change without notice