Motorized iPad docking station, touch code, white glass, Landscape

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Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions40 × 31 × 13 cm

The perfect home for your iPad

If portrait or landscape orientated, glass or aluminum finish, iRoom´s iDock makes always stylish high end look.

Benefits for different needs

iRoom’s iDock convince not only by the shapely storage and charging the iPad. The diversity and possibilities are endless. The iPad is available at any time fully charged, whether as music center or TV via streaming , as an electronic photo frame or a control panel, the range of uses is vast.

  • Nice looking housing through flush mount in the wall or furniture.
  • Easy access through motorized mechanism.
  • No charging cable anymore.
  • Apple certified.
  • Designed and assembled in Austria.

Design & Function

Transform your iPad into a flexible interface for lighting, audio / video, security systems, HVAC and much more. With iDock any iPad becomes an integrated and customized touch panel of the next generation. You decide to use it whether as a mobile or stationary touch panel. As an accessory to a complete control system the iDock offers multiple opportunities to make your life easier.

Dimension iDock standard 226,4 / 351,9 / 68,2 mm 8.91“ / 13.85“ / 2.69“

flush-mount 246,5 / 372,0 / 78,0 mm 9.70“ / 14.65“ / 3.07“

Dimension Backbox cut-out standard 205,0 / 295,0 / 65,0 mm 8.07“ / 11.61“ / 2.56“

flush-mount 231,0 / 357,0 / 78.0 mm 9.10“ / 14.02“ / 3.07“

Power supply 110-230 VAC / PoE (injectors only)

Necessary accessory iRoom‘s iDock installation Box (not included)


iRoom‘s iDock Installation box

iRoom‘s iDock Installation Box BB-B

iRoom‘s iDock Installation Box black aluminum frame for flush-mount BB-LAB

iRoom‘s iDock Installation Box silver aluminum frame for flush-mount BB-LAS