Motorized iPad docking station, touch code, black glass, landscape

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions40 × 31 × 13 cm

iRoom’s iDock Touchcode is the unique secure motorized in-wall docking solution for your iPad. The docking station can be flush mounted in walls or furniture. It is perfect for public access areas like shops, showrooms, exhibitions halls and conference rooms, reception halls & hotel rooms. The application possibilities are almost endless. The iPad is continuously charged while in the docking station and with the numeric code system it‘s stored securely. Enter your code, remove your iPad and enjoy mobility !

motorized docking station brick or dry wall installation control contact for opening/closing (e.g. key-switch / code-switch / finger scanner) docking status notification (potential free contact) power on/off reaction selectable (opening/closing/no reaction) audio output (3,5 mm jack socket, stereo, analog) glass bezel in black and white available (easily interchangeable) on-board power transformer supply by 110-230 VAC / PoE (passive Injectors) integrated touch sensor 8-button capacative touch code with button – hiding effect

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Dimension iDock standard 226,4 / 351,9 / 68,2 mm 8.91“ / 13.85“ / 2.69“

flush-mount 246,5 / 372,0 / 78,0 mm 9.70“ / 14.65“ / 3.07“

Dimension Backbox cut-out standard 205,0 / 295,0 / 65,0 mm 8.07“ / 11.61“ / 2.56“

flush-mount 231,0 / 357,0 / 78.0 mm 9.10“ / 14.02“ / 3.07“

Power supply 110-230 VAC / PoE (injectors only)

Necessary accessory iRoom‘s iDock installation Box (not included)


iRoom‘s iDock Installation box

iRoom‘s iDock Installation Box BB-B

iRoom‘s iDock Installation Box black aluminum frame for flush-mount BB-LAB

iRoom‘s iDock Installation Box silver aluminum frame for flush-mount BB-LAS