KPL LCD Keypad

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The KPL Keypad controls a CAS44 or CAA66 multiroom system. Its five-character display aids in source selection, offering over 100 source labels to name your sources. The display also indicates volume and system status.

Easily adjust the bass, treble, balance, loudness and volume directly from the keypad to personalize the sound playback in any zone. For added convenience, you can turn the whole system off at any keypad.


  • Shows source playing, bass, treble, balance, and volume level
  • Works with CAA66 and CAS44 controller amplifiers
  • Easy-to-use buttons and visual feedback for simple multiroom control
  • Includes programmable source names for personalizing system
  • Sophisticated Decora®-style design, available in five colors
  • CAT-5e Connection: 110 punch-down block
  • Controls:
    Volume up/down
    Source select
    Audio (bass, treble, balance, turn-on volume, loudness)
  • IR Control: Built-in IR receiver with pass-through
  • Keypad Backlight: Amber
  • Power Requirement(s): 12 VDC 180 mA (supplied through CAT-5 cable