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You spin me right round,
Baby, right round…
The 3G Warp Engine Transmitter rotates any video signal up to 360 degrees.
The 3G Warp Engine Transmitter can be added to a currently installed Just Add Power 3G system to rotate any source in the system.
A single 3G Warp Engine Transmitter can build a full Mosaic Video Wall with displays rotated at any angle* and the ability to show any source in the system!
Seamless Integration! The 3G Warp Engine Transmitter is fully compatible with all 3G installations. Add a single Warp Engine to provide rotation to all displays. Multiple Warp Engines can be combined to produce more complex Mosaic Video Walls.


  • Rotates a single 4K or lower source up to 360 degrees
  • Receiver and Transmitter combined into one unit
  • Receiver accepts video from any Transmitter in the system
  • Transmitter outputs rotated video to any Receiver in the system

Compliancy HDCP & RoHS/FCC/CE
Operating Temp 0-60 ⁰C / 32-140 ⁰F
Supported Resolutions – Up to 4096×2160 (interlaced & progressive)
Dimensions & Weight – 220 x 44.5 x 124 mm (19-inch rack, 1 RU with wings) 0.64 kg / 1.4 lb
Ports – Ethernet connector (x2)
Bandwidth – Up to 600 Mbps
POE – 10 watts maximum
Power Supply (not included) DC12V, 2A minimum 5.5mm/2.1mm, Positive tip