IGS Series Ultimate Performance Outdoor Subwoofer

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When added to a system with full-range satellite speakers the NEAR® IGS100M subwoofer adds the last half-octave of bass foundation that makes music really come alive. The model features a retuned port and alignment to deliver even more robust low frequency “kick” than most larger subwoofers. At the same time the IGS100M remains musical at any playback level and is capable of withstanding high-output use.

  • Purpose-built to be extremely durable in all weather conditions, mounted in-ground
  • Stylish design provides functional rigidity and extra security when buried
  • Mulch Brown color to match IG Series full range models, LB4TM and IG4M satellite speakers
  • Anodized metal alloy speaker cones (MDT) maintain specified performance over a broad range of temperatures (-20 to +160 degrees F; -29 – +71 C) for consistent sound quality in every season
  • Dual 8-ohm voice coil design allows either stereo or mono signal inputs
  • UDIO (upside down/inside out) driver employs voice coils wound both inside and outside the former for extremely accurate linearity, even at extreme volume levels
  • MLS spiderless motor uses specially developed ferrofluid to center the voice coil and eliminates the distortion generated by spiders
  • Sealed magnet gap locks out moisture and debris
  • Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDP) color-through enclosures are acoustically inert and stand tough under abuse and in extreme conditions
  • Advanced SupraPolymer cone surrounds resist UV rays, chlorine, fertilizer and salt spray
  • Signal connection via pre terminated 4-conductor burial grade cable exiting the bottom of the enclosure
  • Frequency Response – 35Hz-100Hz, +/-3dB, 8 ohms per voice coil (stereo operation), 4 ohms (mono operation)
  • Sensitivity (1W/1m) –  92dB
  • Impedance – Dual 8-ohm voice coils, 4-ohms when paralleled
  • Dispersion – 360 degrees
  • Power Requirements (@8 ohms) – Up to 300 Watts average
  • Dimensions – 19.4”(49.3cm) diameter at base x 17.4”(44.2cm) High
  • Product Weight –  16.3kgs
  • Input Terminations –  Four-conductor cable
  • Environmental – Engineered to meet or exceed Mil-Std-810 (Humidity, Salt Air, Heat, Cold, Immersion); IEC IP55


• (1) High Power Pro-Grade 10” Metal-Alloy Diaphragm, UDIO Woofer, MLS voice coil guidance, UV and Chemical Resistant Rubber Surround