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SIM2 has been designing and manufacturing HDR products since 2007. HDR (High Dynamic Range) has a dramatic effect on picture quality and perceived image resolution, as it delivers a dynamic range more closely matched to the human visual system.

HDR stands for – High Dynamic Range. In the real world, the intensity of natural light can span up to 14 orders of magnitude from night to direct sunlight. The ratio between max. and min. luminance is called dynamic range. The human eye can instantaneously perceive up to 5 orders of magnitude without adaptation. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is therefore the ability to render a large range of luminance in a display, from extremely dark to extremely bright values, hence creating brighter whites, darker blacks and brighter colors that better match what we see in the real world.

The dynamic range of this magnitude may be characterized as «f-stops».
– Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) is ≤ 10 f-stops;
– Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) & High Dynamic Range (HDR) is > 10 f-stops.

SIM2 HDR Dual System uses two custom-tuned projectors optimized to produce a combined image that has a dynamic range of more than 14 f-stops.

The decision to use two projectors was needed to provide both high brightness and achieve a very high contrast. Each projector is optimized for different performance; they utilize different optics, software, and other miscellaneous settings.

Nonetheless, SIM2 HDR Dual System allows the increase of the dynamic range of non HDR movies on standard Blu-Ray discs.

The system comes with the following standard components:
– 2 tailor made projectors, using the platform of the SIM2 flagship model, the AR;
– 1 mechanical support with micromechanical adjustments capability;
– 1 processor interface between the video sources and the 2 projectors.

High Dynamic Range: how SIM2 mastered the art

SIM2 has been creating HDR displays since 2007, building a wealth of knowledge about this specialized area of image technology. Appearances at the recent CEDIA EXPO and ISE shows of our SIM2 HDR DUAL projection system have elicited rave reviews from industry experts like Scott Wilkinson (AVS Forum): “…as a technology demo, it revealed how much dynamic range is possible using two projectors in such a configuration—the blacks were inky, and the peak luminance was 95 foot-lamberts!”

SIM2 HDR DUAL is the state-of-the-art in HDR projection delivering 14.5 f-stops of dynamic range. Recent refinements to the product, made in collaboration with video guru Joe Kane (JKP Productions), have resulted in the capability to deliver the power and control of HDR beyond that of any theater, as well as commercial cinema, projector. In the words of Joe Kane himself: “I’m impressed with SIM2’s approach to implementing HDR to projection technology and the power of the SIM2 platform and the wider color capability associated with it. The direction they are taking is higher in light output than the current implementation of HDR in digital cinema. I worked with SIM2 to put in place my knowledge and scientific approach. The outcome from this intense activity is beyond my best expectations”

Main Specifications

Dynamic range 14 f-stops
Brightness output up to 9,000 ANSI Lumens (in 2D dual mode)
Input HDMI 2.0a compatible via HDR processor module
Available lenses T1: 1.37-1.66:1 T2: 1.82-2.48:1 T3: 2.60-3.90:1
Full system power consumption about 1100 W
Cabinet Color High-gloss Dark Gray.

Specific “A” model features

Colour Filter SIM2 Motorized Sliding Filter System
Network interface network monitoring
web control interface