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The FTC-P100 with network power is part of the Savant Fiber Solution family designed to extend audio and video sources to a remote location up to 1000 feet (300 meters). The FTC-P100 supports Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af or IEEE 802.3at standards). The FTC-P100 provides a convenient one-box interface solution as part of a complete Savant SmartSystem™. It functions as a remote video transmitter and control interface, providing a single VGA port and four HDMI ports for multiple source devices along with a variety of control ports. FTC-P100 transmits HDMI fetaures at 1080p60 full HD with Deep Color, multichannel audio and other optional HDMI features including 3D. The FTC-P100 includes locking HDMI connectors for added field reliability. The FTC-P100 when commonly paired with the Savant VIM-F004 fiber input service card enables wiring distances up to 1000 feet (300 meters) using OM3 multimode fiber optic cable.

– Supports video resolutions up to 1080p60, 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
– 3D TV Pass-Through
– Transmits HDMI or VGA up to 1000 feet (300 meters)
– Uses OM3 single-strand multi-mode SC fiber optic cable (see CBL-F1000)
– Immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI)
– Supports HDMI, HDCP and 3D
– DolbyTrueHD and DTS Master Audio pass-through
– Integrated Control: (2) RS-232, (6) IR, (1) GPIO and (1) Relay termination ports
– Includes a single 10/100 base-T network communication port

HDMI Features Include:
– 225 MHz (up to 12-bit YUV 444 @ 1080p)
– Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio Pass-Through
– Deep Color Supported (XV color)
– HDMI Connector: Type A 19-pin female with locking connector
– Extended Link Connector: Fiber Optic Connector (SC-Type)
– Configured using RacePoint Blueprint™ design tool

Included Items:
– (1) FTC-P100, FiberTransmitter and Controller
– (2) 3-pin screw-down termination connector
– (2) 6-pin screw-down termination connector
– Side mounting brackets and hardware

Dimensions (H x W x D): 11.7 x 7.1 x 1.65 inches
Dimensions (H x W x D): 29.8 x 18.0 x 4.2 cm
Net Shipping Weight: 3.0 lbs (1.38 kgs)