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AESTHETICS ABOVE These decor friendly in-ceiling speakers are available with compact, paintable round or square perforated grilles which compliment USAI lighting fixtures for a clean crisp look that architects, decorators, and clients will love. INSTALL EZE? TOOL-LESS INSTALLATION Exclusive magnet and spring clip design ensure the speakers stay secure in the ceiling, yet can be removed easily without needing to unscrew anything. The trim mounting ring makes them a perfect fit for both new construction and retrofit projects. LOW BALANCED, LARGE AUDIO Balanced Mode Radiator audio technology allows for big sound with far lower power requirements than traditional speakers. MORE SPEAKERS, BETTER SOUND Large in-ceiling speakers create audio hot and cold spots in a room, too loud when you are right under a speaker and too soft everywhere else. Micro Aperture speakers are just right. DESIGN FRIENDLY, BUDGET FRIENDLY IP Audio Micro Aperture active speakers include a internal amplifier and integrated electronics with Power over Ethernet and passive satellite speakers. Standard Micro Aperture passive speakers are also available for use with conventional amplification.


Full Range Speaker

3.0” BMR™ (Balanced Mode Radiator)

Flat Paper Laminated Honeycomb Diaphragm with water resistant coating

Rubber surround

Die-cast Aluminum frame

Neodymium Magnet

Wide Off axis power response

Frequency Response:

Acoustic Frequency Response = 80 Hz – 20 kHz

+/- 3 dB DSP Bass Enhancement down to 40 Hz

Impedance: N/A

Power: N/A

Sensitivity: 89dB SPL (2.83V/1 meter)

Dimensions: 4.65″x5.23″

Cutout Dimensions: 4″ (100-101mm)

Weight: 1.75lbs

Recommended Subwoofer: Nano or RCC

PoE Driven Internal Amplifier: Not Needed, Driven off of parent IP Aperture

Sold as a pair