iRoom recently added new features to iRoom’s iPad Docking Stations that can be activated through a firmware update. The new feature set improves iPad security and adds convenience in using the docking stations. Some of the features require communication with the iPad’s operating system and have been implemented by iRoom as an Apple-certified manufacturer. The new feature set along with built-in control functionality make iRoom’s docking stations the perfect solution for boardrooms where usability and reliability is essential.

One of the drawbacks many users of docking stations face is the battery lifetime that gets dramatically reduced when the iPad is permanently charged while being used at the same time. In the worst case, the battery swells and becomes permanently damaged. iRoom’s Docking Stations communicate with the iPad during the charging process. Once the battery is fully charged the Docking Station switches to powering only the display without using the iPad’s battery. This extends the battery life and prevents damage of the battery.

iRoom’s iBezel and iTop models are equipped with a proximity sensor that can be used in control scenarios to trigger functions such as play/stop/mute music or turn on/off the lights. The new software allows configuration of the proximity sensor for waking and unlocking the iPad screen rather than pressing the iPad button and entering the unlock code.

Some iRoom models also provide a mechanical lock to secure the iPad, preventing theft. Now, all motorized docking stations can protect the iPad from theft by disabling the iPad release button of the docking station. Once the release button is disabled the iPad can only be removed through iRoom’s iPad app or IP command over the network which allows centralized management of all docking stations in an installation.