Savant is a luxury whole home automation system that enhances the way people enjoy their homes. Savant’s powerful technology brings the control of lighting, heating, blinds, entertainment, music, and security together into a single system that homeowners love, thanks to its simplicity of control. Whether via remote control app for iOS or Android, users gain complete control of their entire home with one single tap.


Let’s Delve in Further…

Everyone likes things in their home to be just right, and a Savant system makes that not only possible but easy. Through advanced technology that makes using the system simple, the Savant platform combines its own products with third-party devices to create unique experiences in any home that reflect the owners personality, preferences and pace of life.

Breaking down the fundamentals of Savant, we have outlined five key features that make Savant one of the leading home automation platforms.


  1. Exquisite Automation

From scheduling the home to wake up before the family does by lifting the window blinds or slowly raising the light level, through to controlling the lighting, music and ambient temperature to create the perfect atmosphere for a dinner party, Savant makes it easy to have everything the way the customer likes it. Scheduled daily events, remote monitoring of security – all are possible with Savant. With the recent addition of ‘Daylight Mode’ lighting, Savant can even boost a homeowner’s wellbeing.

Savant products are crated to be simple, and so enjoyable that once a customer has turned their home into a Savant Home, they’ll never want to live any other way. The installer experience is just as compelling, with drag and-drop set up, beautifully crafted products, remote monitoring, and compatibility across a broad spectrum of third-party brands.

With state-of-the-art products and services, Savant is continuing to re-define the experience of luxury home automation – giving installers the tools to build distinctive, customised systems for today’s most selective homeowners.


  1. Simple Set Up with Powerful Capabilities

The core intelligence of any Savant installation is the Host. Through the most sophisticated software in the industry, Savant Hosts are capable of managing the varied technologies within any smart home or property. As the central server for all the user interfaces and the connection point for system administration and

monitoring, the Host is available in many forms, allowing for control of single rooms up to whole-home automation for hundreds of devices.


  1. Intuitive Lighting

‘Smart’ lighting has become ever-more popular, but Savant takes it to another level. Thanks to the clever control platform, users can use sliders on the app, Pro Remote or light switches to control any light individually or as a group.

Pre-set lighting scenes can be selected (such as TV-watching, Entertaining or Reading) from a Savant enabled iPad or iPhone and even automate lighting levels, switching to the TV watching scene when a video source is selected and reverting to an Entertaining scene when the TV is off – brilliant for movie nights at home!

The Savant lighting integration even allows your clients to introduce circadian lighting with its proprietary Daylight Mode, which is proven to enhance internal biorhythms to promote well-being, reinforce health, and even nourish the imagination. By automating the brightness and colour temperature of compatible lights, Daylight Mode can be used to tune a home’s lighting to the changes in natural sunlight that

occur through the day.

Third-party integration increases the wealth of lighting options. Lutron lighting installations can be simply integrated into the Savant ecosystem, allowing for single room lighting systems through to whole house lighting to be controlled by a single device.


  1. Ultimate Home Entertainment

Savant offers high-resolution audio and video distribution to any room of the home indoors or out. Savant’s AV over IP line-up will meet a your client’s audio-visual needs, and most importantly, Savant’s product range focuses on both quality and scalability for the home.

Savant offers a full line of IP Audio products, including audio streamers and hosts. Recently launched, the very first 55” smart sound bar featuring a built-in Savant Host delivers smart home functionality including Savant Music and all popular streaming music services Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, Tuneln, TIDAL and more. Simplified home cinema is also catered for, with the introduction of WISA-connected rear speakers and subwoofers, reducing cabling requirements yet upping the all-round home cinema experience.

Savant’s Smart Audio systems can be expanded in up to 96 zones and integrators

will appreciate the flexibility of hardware featuring control ports for local devices. Savant Smart Audio speakers are also fully compatible with the Savant Home App for Apple TV and Apple HomeKit featuring Siri control, along with whole-house control of lighting, energy management, climate control and countless other smart devices.


  1. Beautiful Control

From remotes to touch screens to voice commands and TV’s, Savant keeps your customers in control or their entire home including entertainment lighting, climate, blinds and more.

The Savant Pro App allows iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch or Android devices to easily and quickly control entire homes:

  • View the whole home at a glance and use quick access controls for a personalised experience.
  • Savant Music lets you enjoy high-fidelity content from your collection or stream a personalised playlist to any room in the house.
  • Know what’s happening at home, any time.
  • Adjust the temperate and open the shades from the Pro Apo to ensure the home is perfectly 
comfortable by the time you get home.
  • Save and recall any combination of services and settings with a single tap or set a scene to activate on a schedule.


The Savant Pro Remote X2 also gives your customers control of all their entertainment, lighting, climate control, and more. From the beautifully finished and intuitive remote control users can quickly recall scenes or favourite channels using the built-in voice control.


The beauty of the Savant ecosystem means that regardless of scale, from simple starter systems to 96-room mansions, Savant delivers exceptional home automation experiences. Whether you are starting out and looking to take your first steps into home automation or are wanting to know more about the opportunities available to your business, take a closer look at Savant. You won’t be disappointed.